Power Banks

Power Banks

Put hours of charging power in your pocket. These power banks are great to take with you when camping or traveling, or to just have around for when the power goes out.

Power banks are essentially portable chargers that can be used to charge all types of electronics from cell phones and tablets to speakers and really anything that charges using a USB charging cable. These high-quality, high-powered, and compact portable power banks contain a long lasting rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. Simply charge the power bank using the provided USB cord and any USB wall charger or car charger, and you’ll have a portable power source with you wherever you go. Having this as a backup phone charger could be a lifesaver in dangerous our unpredictable situations.

Choosing the best battery backup portable charger for you depends on how many devices you will want to charge before re-charging the portable charger. The larger portable chargers take up a little more room, but also provide longer and faster charging time.

All of these portable power banks are ready to use right out of the box and they have a convenient ultra-bright flashlight built in, plus a LED battery indicator so you always know how much power is in your portable charger.